Train-the-Trainer "Bridging Gender Differences"

Bridging Gender Differences Three to five-day train-the-trainer program

Location San Diego, California (USA) Dates scheduled upon request.

Workshop Objectives:

o Develop awareness & knowledge about similarities and differences in gender culture/perspectives

o Understand the impact of differences on work relationships and teams

o Learn tools for improving cross-gender communication and effectiveness

o Develop a personal action plan for using new tools for greater cross-gender effectiveness Workshop Elements: " Gender Culture/Perspectives: Male/female identity and influence in the workplace " Gender Stereotypes in Action versus Gender Perspectives " Understanding Communication Styles in contrast to Gender Perspectives " Sensitivity to appropriate behavior at work "

Valuing & Managing Diversity of Perspectives in ones self Benefits to Business: " More productive working relationships between men and women " Increased respect and trust between men and women, men and men, women and women " Less conflict, miscommunication, and misunderstandings

Who Should Attend?

" Training personnel/managers or others responsible for employee training.

Register via: Phone: 602-301-0059 Email: