Bridging Gender Differences Course

What can your organization do to reduce gender conflict in the workplace? A good place to start is with education.
You can teach your employees how to recognize and appreciate similarities and differences in gender culture and perspectives. It is also helpful if you provide your employees with tools and resources that will help them improve cross-gender communication and effectiveness.

This highly engaging course includes, interactive exercises, downloadable tools. The course content addresses the following topics: The Business Case for Gender Diversity Gender Conflict - A Historical Perspective How to Identify Ingrained Stereotypes and Generalizations Similarities and Differences in Gender Culture and Perspectives Understanding "Filters", including: -Values and Beliefs -Gender Views -Generational Views -Communication Styles -Humor Styles Concrete Actions Men and Women Can Take to Resolve Gender Conflict and Work Together More Effectively

Who should complete this course? The Bridging Gender Differences is appropriate for all managers and employees who want to improve their ability to work more effectively and productively with both women and men.

However, please note that this "awareness" course was designed to provide a starting point for organizations that want to initiate a viable program to address gender issues in the workplace. As such, the course will not advance the knowledge of diversity and human resource specialists who have already completed comprehensive training in the area of gender diversity. These individuals may wish to visit the Scottsdale National Gender Institute for information on advanced training and certification programs.

What benefits can you expect to receive from your training investment? Organizations that create a supportive and equitable business culture enjoy the following benefits: A culture where both men and women want to work, Enhanced productivity and retention, More productive working relationships between men and women, Increased respect and trust between men and women, men and men, women and women Reduced conflict, miscommunication, and misunderstandings Better financial results Improved access to a growing, well-educated segment of the workforce Improved market share Better management

Both men and women have unique and valuable talents to contribute to organizations. When these talents are merged in a supportive, equitable business culture, the result is NOT a redistribution of promotions, authority, and other rewards from men to women. Rather, the result is the creation of a larger and growing "pie" that can be shared by all participants. This "win-win" scenario provides a meaningful justification for active participation by both men and women in gender diversity programs.

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