Founded in 1994 by Leslie Jenness as the
National Association of Gender Diversity Training™ to provide resources and answers to business gender diversity issues.

In 1996 the first publication of the Gender Journal: Men & Women Working Together newsletter.

The Scottsdale National Gender Institute™, established in 1996 as the educational and training division of the association, provides consultation, professional certificate training programs, mentoring, coaching, program development, train-the-trainer programs, and organizational development for executive management.

Our philosophy builds on the premise that the understanding of one another is vital towards building productive workplace environments for all men and women.

Leslie's background: Leslie's varied professional experience includes: eight years district sales manager for a large corporation; one of five women out of 250 sales managers; nine years as a college professor of psychology and human development; six years as a women owned business in alternative energy products; and four years as professor at Ottawa University where she developed courses on "Managing Diversity in the Workplace" and "Women in Management".

Educational Background Bachelor of Arts: Social Studies major in Psychology San Diego State University, San Diego, California Master of Arts: Organization Development and Training, business division Ottawa University, Phoenix, Arizona

Additional Graduate Work & Training: Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Education and Administration, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona and training program "Gender Based Team Building" through the National Institute for Leadership Development.

Establish a global culture of understanding, respect, and equity for all women and men.

To create and provide quality resources and programs that assist businesses and individuals. Resources and programs include: gender certificate programs for the professional, workshops and training for the individual, consultation for management, and global symposiums for continued improvement on addressing gender issues in the workplace.

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