Gender Certificate Training Programs:

A train-the-trainer program for two or more people from the same company. The program includes trainers manual, resources, and participants manual that can be implemented in your own company.

What can your organization do to reduce gender conflict in the workplace?

A good place to start is with education. You can help your employees understand how to recognize and appreciate similarities and differences in gender culture and perspectives. Provide your employees with tools and resources that will help improve cross-gender communication and effectiveness.

What benefits can you expect to receive from your training investment?
Organizations that create a supportive and equitable business culture enjoy the following benefits:

A culture where both men and women want to work
Enhanced productivity and retention
More productive working relationships between men and women
Increased respect and trust between men and women, men and men, women and women
Reduced conflict, miscommunication, and misunderstandings
Better financial results Improved access to a growing, well-educated segment of the workforce
Improved market share
Better management

Visit the Scottsdale National Gender Institute for information on advanced training and certificate programs for employee managers and others.

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